… singing up Australia …

The Song Company’s Songs from the Heart is on the ABC Listen app


Music by Rhubee Neale (Anmatjere Arrernte) & Elizabeth Sheppard:

As I Walk, Keep Guard of our Dreams

Music by Elizabeth Sheppard:

‘Cross Country, Kaouwi Two Children Cooee, As I Walk, Gathering, The First Sovereign Nations, Sovereignty, Ngaala Maaman (The Noongar Prayer), Noonakoort Karnya Respect, A Rightful Place, Enshrinement, Makaratta, A Better Future, Keep Guard of our Dreams, Koorlangka Children, Land of Sunshine

Music by Sonya Holowell:

Never Extinguished, We Here, A Way, This is the Torment of our Powerlessness, Like You Can, Become Like Children

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